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Current Cost EnviR products

Individual Appliance Monitor ( IAM )

Individual Appliance Monitor ( IAM ) Individual Appliance Monitors (IAMs) monitor and track the electrical consumption of any appliance that can be plugged into a standard 120v/15A electrical outlet. ...more info Free Shipping!
Price: $ 30.00

Standard Kit

Standard Kit Everything needed to monitor home electric energy use now. Contains: Display, Transmitter, Sensors(2), AC power supply, Instructions for use ...more info Free Shipping!
Price: $ 129.00

Battery Pack

Battery Pack The EnviR battery pack is a substitute for the AC power cord. It is an alternate power supply for the EnviR enabling you to walk around with your EnviR without a cord. Take it anywhere! ...more info Free Shipping!
Price: $ 12.00

Web Bridge

Web Bridge A WebBridge connects your EnviR to the web via your router. With it you can see and track your energy use remotely via any internet connected PC or web enabled smart phone. ...more info Free Shipping!
Price: $ 69.00

Extra Display

Extra Display Additional EnviR displays enable monitoring electricity use from multiple locations Free Shipping!
Price: $ 69.00

Commercial Kit

Commercial Kit Everything needed to start monitoring 3 Phase electric use now. Contains: Display, Transmitter, Sensors(3), AC power supply, Instructions for use. ...more info Free Shipping!
Price: $ 149.00

Extra Transmitter with clamps

Extra Transmitter with clamps Enables monitoring and tracking of individual circuits or appliances. ...more info Free Shipping!

Extra CT Clamp

Extra CT Clamp Additional Current Transformer (CT) clamps. These plug into the EnviR transmitter. Free Shipping!
Price: $ 20.00

Serial-to-USB Cable

Serial-to-USB Cable The Serial-to-USB Cable enables you to track your energy usage live on your PC. Enerati software or Techtoniq software will enable you to download logged historical energy use data from your Envi/EnviR to your PC. Plug one end of the Serial-to-USB Cable into the serial port on your EnviR or Envi. Plug the other end of the cable into the USB port on your computer. Note: You will need to install the free Prolific Serial-to-USB driver on your PC. You can download this driver here. Free Shipping!
Price: $ 12.00

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